Central Vermont Getaways Feature

Vermont Maple Sriracha was featured in the Winter/Spring 2015 issue of Central Vermont Getaways magazine. We are proud to be featured along such great brands as Vermont Peanut Butter, Vermont Maple Granola, and Kingdom Creamery. TAP FOR SAP: A SWEET TRADITION by … Continued

Vermont Maple Sriracha Giveaway!

Honi from TryVermontFirst.com gave us a wonderful review: This product is a must have. It’s a must have for daily use. It’s a must have for gift giving. It’s a must have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She enjoyed it … Continued

Peanut Butter Sriracha Cookies

These cookies are no joke! Best served with a large glass of cold milk. Recipe at TheSugarPixie.com                

Chocolate Sriracha Cookies

There is something amazing about paring chocolate and hot sauce. It brings out the depth of the chocolate and the nuance of the hot sauce. But don’t take our word for it! Try these chocolate sriracha cookies! Recipe at InVegetablesWeTrust.com … Continued

Honeyed Sriracha Cookies

“This subtly spicy cookie is right on trend with the Sriracha craze, but it’s also fun and festive with the hot red swirls and the crunchy green pumpkin seeds.” Recipe at WashingtonPost.com              


A michelada is a Mexican beverage made with beer, hot sauce, lime juice and spices. Bon Appetit used sriracha in their version and called it a Sriracha-lada – we love it! Recipe at BonAppetit.com.             … Continued

Big Lenny’s Bada Bing Sauce

Remember cooking should be fun…..nothing’s carved in stone. Use more or less of any ingredient. Make it to yours! Don’t be afraid to step out of the box. Stay Spicy, my friends. – Big Lenny Ingredients: 1 cup Mayo 3 … Continued

Taste Testers Wanted!

We are excited to announce that we are currently developing Vermont Maple Sriracha Verde! It’s a lot of (fun!) work but we need YOUR help. We are going to send three people some test batches of our new sauce and … Continued

Sriracha Honey Almonds

These little beauties are excellent as a snack on their own, in a trail mix, on a salad – you name it! Recipe at Happily Spiced

Buffalo Sriracha Hummus

Here’s a yummy dip that’s healthy and spicy! Great for a party, as an afternoon snack, or spread on a sandwich. Recipe at Fettle Vegan Recipes.