Big Lenny’s Bada Bing Sauce

Remember cooking should be fun…..nothing’s carved in stone. Use more or less of any ingredient. Make it to yours! Don’t be afraid to step out of the box. Stay Spicy, my friends. – Big Lenny Ingredients: 1 cup Mayo 3 … Continued

Sriracha Salt

Sriracha Salt is an excellent way to deliver all that sriracha flavor on to just about anything! It’s great on eggs, popcorn, sprinkled over veggies or mashed potatoes, on the rim of a margarita… the possibilities are endless! Recipe at … Continued

Sriracha Suckers

Whether you just REALLY love spicy foods or you’re planning to trick an unsuspecting loved one, these sweet and spicy suckers are a treat! The maple syrup in Vermont Maple Sriracha certainly lends itself to candy making! Recipe at

Sriracha Maple Bacon

Who would have thought that bacon could get any better than it already is? This incredibly simple and totally impressive recipe will wow your friends and family, keeping them comping back for more. Recipe at