Sriracha (Oven Fried) Chicken Wings

An excellent Super Bowl Sunday snack! By “frying” them in the oven, you eliminate the messy oil so you can spend more time watching the big game. Recipe at                     … Continued

Spicy Sriracha Chex Mix

Chex Party Mix is a classic snack for anything from car trips to football Sunday to BBQ’s. This spicy twist is as easy to make as it is addicting to eat! Recipe at My Bacon Wrapped Life       … Continued

Avocado Toasts with Eggs & Sriracha

Need a protein-rich, energy-creating breakfast? Try Avocado Toasts with Eggs & Sriracha! This little beauty will jump start your day and keep you full ’til lunch. Recipe at Alaska from Scratch              

Sriracha Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary’s are traditionally made with Tabasco sauce, but we think that sriracha takes this delicious cocktail to the next level! Recipe at A Beautiful Mess   Note: This recipe uses liquid smoke, but if you don’t care for the … Continued

Chocolate Sriracha Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Go where no hot sauce has gone before – chocolate coconut milk ice cream! The combination of chocolate and spice is an age old tradition and this recipe brings it into this century. Recipe at Vegan Yak Attack     … Continued

Sriracha Salt

Sriracha Salt is an excellent way to deliver all that sriracha flavor on to just about anything! It’s great on eggs, popcorn, sprinkled over veggies or mashed potatoes, on the rim of a margarita… the possibilities are endless! Recipe at … Continued

Honey Sriracha Beef Skewers

These caramelized bites of spicy goodness are absolutely amazing. The recipe calls for equal parts honey and sriracha, which makes it a very sticky marinade, but it’s worth the mess! What makes this recipe even better, is that it can … Continued

Strawberry Sriracha Margarita

Feeling adventurous? Then this strawberry sriracha margarita is calling your name! This spicy cocktail will have your taste buds dancing with joy – just be careful you don’t end up dancing on the table! Recipe at

Sriracha Popcorn

Make movie night a little more epic with Vermont Maple Sriracha popcorn! Let your taste buds in on a little action / adventure with this spicy topping that is sure to wow the critics. Recipe at