saltA major misconception about salt is that all salt is bad for you. This isn’t the case at all. Your body actually needs salt to function properly. It’s the over-consumption of salt where you can get into trouble. Everything in moderation!

  1. We use kosher salt in our sauce because there aren’t any additives in it. Iodized salt usually contains a bunch of additives, which is why we avoid it.
  2. Kosher salt has a lighter taste than iodized salt, which gives it (and our sauce) a less salty flavor.
  3. Kosher salt helps bring out the natural flavors of the other ingredients in Vermont Maple Sriracha, without being overly salty.
  4. Salt serves many functions in the body, including helping to carry nutrients into the cells, keeping minerals and calcium soluble in our blood, and regulating muscle contractions. Salt also plays a role in nerve stimulation and it is required to produce hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which is an important component of digestion. All salts help the body regulate the electrolyte balance in and surrounding the body’s cells and serves to preserve the body’s blood cells and blood vessels.
  5. Low salt intake can lead to muscle spasms, irregular heartbeat, increase risk of heart attack, and even sudden death.


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